Bad Decisions

“Ego” for African-American men can cause us to lose our minds.  We behave in ways that many of us revel in because people look at us and we get to express to the world how insecure we really are.  Let’s play a little game called: Bad Decisions by Famous People.  Name to yourself as many celebreties or professional athletes or business people who made bad decisions that were just plain stupid, dumb and ignorant.  Here’s the catch, they all have to be African-American men.  Here’s my list:

Jesse Jackson: child out of wedlock while married

Latrell Sprewell: remember his famous quote, “I can’t feed my family on $13 million per year” now broke

Kwame Kilpatrick: Mayor of Detroit caught having an affair with staffer

Wesley Snipes: In jail, “I don’t do taxes”

Michael Jackson: sleeping with children and liking it.

Michael Vick: in jail, you know the story.

T.I.: rapper turned gun-dealer claims innocence, but what is the need for so many machine guns?

On page 82, Tolle has a section called EGO AND FAME.  I am quoting, “Most people you meet want to enhance their identify–the mental image of who they are through association.  They themselves may not know that they are not interested in you at all, but only in strengthening their ultimately fictitious sense of self“.

“The absurd overvaluation of fame is just one of the many manifestations of egoic madness in world.”  This has also given rise to gossip websites like TMZ, which have absolutely not basis for existence other than, you guessed it, the ego.  This is why it is encumbent upon all of us to not waste our time chasing celebrity but rather, celebrate ourselves and who we are, our internal happiness, our comfort with how we are living.

The celebrities mentioned above have one thing in common, extreme narcissism, to the extent that rules of law do not apply to them or believe they can do whatever they want without penalty.  So, let’s see, ego-driven behaviors will get you an orange jump suit, house arrest or celebrity obsolescence.  We can do so much better as Black men?


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