The Obama Effect – Addendum

This section reveals what the candidacy of Barack Obama is doing to Black men and how the generational divide is causing ego’s to shift into overdrive, as you will see by the now infamous Jesse Jackson remarks about wanting to cut off Senator Obama’s “nuts”.  Of course, with his hand gesture in the video, we know what is meant.  What is more troubling however, is for those comments to even come out of Reverend Jackson’s mouth.  Is he that envious?  Of course he is, because Senator Obama is where Jackson has always wanted to be–front and center stage.  What did Jackson really mean to communicate about Senator Obama’s values regarding faith-based organizations.   The Obama Effect is now in full effect.

Barack Obama is now the President elect of the United States. When talk about ego, and being humbled, this video of Jesse Jackson crying during Obama’s acceptance speech says it all.  For those who said completely negative feelings and thoughts, your apology is accepted.  Remember, the ‘ego’ is a funny thing because just when you think you’re getting away with something, you’re not.  So, approximately 3 months later as Jesse Jackson was vilifying Obama, he was crying for joy for him.    

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