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Chapter 6 – “Breaking Free” Live September 30

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The guys will be back this Tuesday, so here is a sneak preview of Chapter 6, Breaking Free of A New Earth.  Since we broadcast our book club sessions from Houston, many of our viewers have wondered what happened last week.  Well, here’s the deal: Hurricane Ike caused power outages and it impacted the A/C and did not allow for a pleasant environment.  But now, we are are back.  To give you an idea of this chapter, check out this video from a previous webcast.  

On page 173, Tolle describes that the “pain-body” and “ego” are close relatives.  They need each other.  The triggering event or situation is then interpreted and reacted to through the screen of a heavily emotional ego.  “You look at the present through the eyes of the emotional past within you.”  

Think about this: if you find yourself behaving or thinking this way, you are asleep literally.  You are more susceptible to causing an accident while driving or saying something completely inappropriate or not perform on your job.  I strongly encourage you to join us this coming Tuesday, September 30 at 7:30 CDT.


Chapter 6 – September 16 Meeting is Postponed due to Hurricane Ike

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I talked to Lamont and it was without hesitation that tonight’s session with the guys should be postponed.  As you all know, hurricane Ike paid a visit to Houston, and for the most part people are coming back to life, but we have bigger issues with getting power, repairing homes, and getting back to work.  See you next week!

Chapter 5: The Pain Body – Recorded 9-9-08

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For those of you who join us in person, you missed the most moving and uplifting conversation to date. Wow!  I just got home from the book club, and talked to Lamonte for about 45 minutes after our session, we would probably still be talking if we did not have to be at work in the morning.  So, for our loyal viewers and the casual viewer, we want you to have immediate access to this session on the The Pain Body.

It’s late right now, but you can expect a much more thorough post in the next day or so as I process and digest the conversation.  There was so much, and much of it is so personal and painful to talk about.  I will however, leave you with some exercises that I shared with the guys to help manage and in some cases rid yourself of the “pain body” as it happens to you.

The pain-body doesn’t want you to observe it directly.  The moment you observe the pain-body, feel its energy field within you and take your attention into it, the identification is broken. A higher dimension of consciousness comes in. It is called Presence. You are now the witness or the watcher of the pain-body.

Here are three ways to observe and dissolve the pain-body:

  • Watch out for any sign of unhappiness in yourself in whatever form—it may be the awakening pain-body. This can take the form of irritation, impatience, a somber mood, a desire to hurt, anger, rage, depression, a need to have some drama in your relationship and so on. Catch the pain-body the moment it awakens from its dormant stage.
  • Observe the resistance within yourself. Observe the attachment to your pain. Be very alert. Observe the peculiar pleasure you derive from being unhappy. Observe the compulsion to talk or think about it. The resistance will cease if you make it conscious.
  • Focus attention on the negative feeling inside you. Know that it is the pain-body. Accept that it is there. Don’t think about it—don’t let the feeling turn into thinking. Don’t judge yourself out of it. Stay present, and continue to be the observer of what is happening inside you.

Chapter 5 Preview – The Pain Body this Tuesday

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It seems like it’s been months since the guys met–I guess that what happens when you look so forward to discussing topics that are truly important.  We changed our weekly session now to Tuesdays, starting this coming week on September 9 at 7:30.  I am excited because we will get everyone’s focused attention, because I could not imagine trying to compete with Monday Night Football.  

Next for us is Chapter 5, “The Pain Body“.  There is a quote from the book that sums up what this chapter is all about.  

"Nothing ever happened in the past that can prevent you 
from being present now..." p. 141

This is important for all of us, because we all have pain in some form.  For many of us, it is the dissappointment of one’s father not being available when you really needed him or losing a friend over some bull… that you can’t remember why they are not your friend anymore.  The pain-body is not just about forgiveness, it is BIGGER than that to be sure.  By knowing how the pain-body affects your thinking and approach to situations you can “free yourself” and take off the shackles that keep you from saying to yourself, “shoulda, woulda, coulda”.  By understanding this, you can be Present and conscious in your dealings.  Here is a sneak preview of Chapter 5 with the author, Eckhart Tolle.

This is a BIG DEAL!  Here’s why: if you go into a job interview or dating someone or handling a family crisis, you will get the result you are looking for by NOT carrying the baggage of the past with you ALL THE TIME.  This is what is called, “the angry Black man” or “the militant brotha”.  How we manage the pain-body is the difference between achieving your personal objectives and goals and falling short.  We will have real-life examples to share and discuss, so don’t miss our session this coming Tuesday.  If you can’t make it, you can always tune in and send in your comments online during the broadcast.